1. What is push-notification?
Push-notification (push-notification) - ad format, short pop-up message in the application or browser. It is sent to users to tell them about updates, news and promotions. The main purpose of push notifications is to deliver relevant information to the customer to maintain engagement.

2. What is ios-calendar?
An advertisement format similar to push-notification, but with a different subscription method, which is implemented by creating an event in the calendar on IOS devices.

3. Can a user unsubscribe from advertising mailings?
Yes, the user can do this at any time. For Android and Windows devices, this is done in the notification center, for IOS in the calendar.

4. What countries and devices do you accept?
We accept all countries and devices.

5. What do I get money for?
You receive money when a user clicks on an advertising notification on their device.

6. How often do you pay and what is the minimum payout amount?
We pay every day at your request, an unlimited number of times a day. Minimum payout - the minimum amount of the payment system. We recommend ordering a payment of $ 10 or more.

7. What kind of traffic are you accepting?
We accept mobile and desktop traffic, both from websites and from any other sources. There are cool individual offers for affiliates who work with Facebook, Google Ads, Yandex.Direct.

8. Are sanctions from search engines possible when working with your system?
For search engines, at the moment, push notifications are an allowed type of advertising, the chances of getting sanctions are close to zero, but search engines update their algorithms every day, so if you doubt the correctness of the code settings for your site, contact support, we will show you how to eliminate the risks imposing sanctions.

9. How to get the maximum income?
When working with these ad formats, income grows within 3-5 weeks from the day the code is installed / traffic is directed to the link. You should not watch the base profitability earlier than this time. Also, the audience, country, amount of traffic and several other parameters affect the profitability of traffic. Our magic support is always ready to advise you on how to increase your profit.

10. Is it possible to connect a ready-made notification base to your system?
Yes, you can. To do this, write to your personal manager, he will advise you on all issues.